Declaration of principles of H&G Hegmanns GmbH Halle in regard to health, occupational safety and environmental protection

H&G Hegmanns GmbH Halle is an engineering service provider that is responsible for designing products which are sustainable and allow people to work safely and healthily, and therefore feel especially bound to proactively promote health, occupational safety and environmental sustainability as well as social responsibility. For us, the safety of humans, environmental protection and plant safety are paramount and are inseparably linked to our efforts to maximize the quality of our products, services and business processes. This policy promotes the economic viability and long-term existence of our company. It must be implemented and demonstrated on a daily basis within every field.

In tandem with our corporate goals and quality approach, we therefore pledge to embody the following principles of health, occupational safety and environmental protection in our business culture:

 The safety of humans and the environment takes precedence when developing processes and plants and in performing engineering tasks.
 The compliance with all pertinent laws, provisions and official regulations takes priority.
 We seek to continuously improve health, occupational safety and environmental protection as well as plant safety, and we assess our success.
 Corporate management incorporates consideration of health, occupational safety and environmental protection. The special responsibility of managerial staff in regard to health, safety and environment is borne in mind.
 We enhance the awareness of all our employees through comprehensive in-house information campaigns and internal and external training and qualification courses, and motivate them to assume individual responsibility in regard to health, safety and environment.
 We maintain that accidents, environmental problems and quality disparities are avoidable. To achieve this goal, we actively pursue risk management and an integrated management system.
 Our suppliers, cooperative partners and subcontractors are also chosen according to the directives of our internal health, safety and environmental policy.
 We carefully and effectively use natural resources. We engage in open and objective dialogue with our customers and business partners, our neighbors, the public and responsible authorities.
 Our corporate culture is distinguished by a climate of openness and mutual trust that avoids the assignment of blame and seeks to identify, eliminate and learn from errors.

This document seeks to be gender-neutral. Should this prove infeasible, the most accessible gender will be used for the sake of legibility. All genders are, of course, included in this nomenclature.

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