Our corporate goals

H&G Hegmanns GmbH Halle is a trans-regional, respected and sought-after engineering service provider with large and medium-sized companies.
With innovative project solutions and engineering services, high quality standards, optimum customer service and committed employees, we seek to secure and expand our market position together with our business partners. Safe and healthy working conditions, a respect for nature and the environment, sustainable management and social competence will enable us to successfully compete both now and in future.
Business success
The success of our business hinges upon our competitive edge. This is fueled by our collective experience, technical and economic expertise as well as committed, informed and qualified employees. Each employee continuously seeks to do his or her part to enhance the quality of our services. The success of our company is an outgrowth of the skills and expertise of our employees.
Realization of customer goals
We consistently offer superior quality services and products to our clients, and always on schedule. We are always available to offer consultation services to our customers.
Our skills ensure efficient, environmentally friendly and sustainable plant construction solutions. We offer exemplary service and fair dealings on an equal footing. The goals of our customers are also our goals.
Open and respectful collaboration
Our work with our customers is characterized by mutual respect and trust, reliability and a cooperative approach. HGH-Halle's rules for interaction are the touchpoint for internal collaboration and external business relationships
A positive and fair business climate is a prerequisite for meeting quality and quantity demands.
Our joint success is founded on an approach that is both supportive and demanding. We support our employees through qualification training. We thereby develop potential and talent and guide employees into positions of responsibility.
From our employees, we expect engagement, initiative, expertise and social responsibility.
Healthy and safe work
People are primary in everything that renders us capable of offering competitive engineering services. The safety and health of our employees is of foremost importance. Together, we seek to sustain working conditions within our company so that people can work safely, healthily and successfully.
Ongoing improvement
In order to survive in the marketplace and expand our position, continuous improvement and development of every process is essential. Our business processes are continuously reassessed and optimized to lower the risk of malfunctions, hazardous situations and on-the-job accidents. Our basic approach is as follows: "Better to avoid than eliminate problems". We also have external partners who audit and certify our behaviour.
Environmental protection
Sustainable management, the protection of nature and the environment are overarching responsibilities to which we are particularly committed as a service provider for plant construction. Sustainability as evidenced in ecological, economic and social spheres is essential to our approach. Sustainable engineering solutions in plant construction are also welcomed by our customers.
This document seeks to be gender-neutral. Should this prove infeasible, the most accessible gender will be used for the sake of legibility. All genders are, of course, included in this nomenclature.




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