3D laser scanning

As needed, we have the capability to take pictures of plants by means of laser scanning together with our long-standing contractual partners and convert the obtained point cloud into precise, high-resolution 3-D planning models. This includes the real-life measurement of the surroundings which may be necessary to modify the plant and integrate new components independent of environmental influences.
By means of laser scanning, the status of new plants and those that have been in existence for a long time can be discerned and documented both economically and precisely. Relevant uses are:
 Stocktaking and preparation of a model of projecting edges for plant expansions or conversions
 Simulation of installation and disassembly
 Comparison of the scanned plant with the 3-D planning model
 As-built plant documentation

It would be our pleasure to help you find the most economic solution for your specific case. As a member of the industrial working group "Laserscanning + VR im Anlagenbau", we have access to the required sources of information and expertise.

References are available here. 

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