Instrumentation and control engineering

The planning of instrumentation and control engineering services is offered as an individual service or as an element of an overall project involving the coordination of complex tasks. The following services are offered:
 Description of the general requirements for instrumentation and control systems
 Identification of a technical solution and preparation of an overall control strategy
 Preparation of data sheets for E/I&C systems (E/I&C estimates with process engineering data)
 Specification and selection of equipment for explosive and nonexplosive plant locations
 Identification of I&C functions in the piping installation flow charts
 Preparation of lists of measuring points and control loops
 Configuration documents for the process control system (specification of the central control systems, description of interlocking, cause and effect chart)
 Specification/draft of safety components and systems pursuant to IEC/EN 61508 (risk assessment and SIL rating for functional safety)
 Development of detailed wiring diagrams (loops)
 Preparation of terminal diagrams and cable lists
 Preparation of connection diagrams for field devices, field distributors and air distributors
 Routing layout
 Preparation of plans for the I&C power supply
 Preparation of instrument and cabinet layout plans
 Preparation of hookups (installation layout plans)
 Drafting of threshold lists, alarms and switching points
 Developing requirement and order specifications
 Preparation of service specifications and requisition documents for delivery and installation
 Cost estimations with different levels of precision

Planning tasks associated with electrical systems/instrumentation and control systems have been provided in-house for a range of products.

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