Setup and piping plans

We are capable of handling sophisticated levels of complexity, efficiency and quality by linking performance levels using high-performance hardware and software solutions. This can also be accomplished in the context of layouts and detailed piping plans. The following areas of service are provided:

  • Plant layout including an equipment and pipe layout with routing accessible to maintenance
  • Description of jobs for external contractors (such as construction)
  • Piping layout with structural engineering
  • Drawing up pipe classes with component documentation
  • Detailed pipe layout (with a category II and III stress analysis according to the directive on pressure devices (PED)
  • 3-D models with a design review performed by the customer
  • Isometrics (generated for the model in 3-D planning)
  • Material take-off (MTO)
  • Pipe clamp planning and specifications (with documentation of strength as needed)
  • Designing interfaces with existing systems
  • Insulation and heating (thermal and noise insulation, condensation and cold)
  • Qualification of piping and instrumentation flowcharts and pipe lists
  • Preparation of load and setup plans
  • Specification and arrangement of emergency equipment
  • Reviewing manufacturer documents for conformity with specifications and layout
  • Installation plans and ancillary and support equipment

We possess extensive experience in dimensioning, calculating and planning the installation of double-wall pipes, as well as pipes with a nominal width up to 3,600 mm for projects involving up to 2,000 pipelines. References to the layouts and piping of our projects can be found  here.

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